Newbie question: L4Linux as a patch

Pablo Chacin pchacin at
Wed Jul 6 16:58:25 CEST 2011

Hi all

I'm doing a review of options for virtualization in Linux.
 From the documentation, it seems that L4Linux is a complete
port of the Linux Kernel. I'm wondering if there is a patch (or
series of patches) that could be used to modify an standard
Linux kernel and make it compatible with the L4 virtualization?

The question comes from my scenario: I need to deploy a
customized linux kernel and want to do so over L4. This kernel
is build from the standard kernel applying some patches. I would
like to do the same with L4Linux, so the resulting kernel has
my patches plus L4.

Is this feasible? has been tested?

thanks in advance and please consider I'm new to L4Linux.


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