No configuration file found in build directory

Wesley Miaw wesley at
Tue Jul 26 01:43:09 CEST 2011

I'm trying to add a new lib/server module to L4 but I'm having some  
trouble. I followed the snapshot top-level README suggestion to place  
the new code in an external directory, so I placed it into src/ 
mymodule/ next to src/l4re and src/l4linux. Then I created a Makefile  
under src/mymodule/src/ based on the example with include $(L4DIR)/mk/

However, this doesn't appear to be working. $(L4DIR)/mk/Makeconf is  
complaining that files existing inside the obj/l4/... directory are  
not to be found in the obj/mymodule/... directory. (I tried to copy  
the obj/... logic found in the top-level Makefile.)

Is the README's suggestion accurate?

Wesley Miaw
wesley at

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