L4Re Library Usage

Wesley Miaw wesley at wesman.net
Fri Jul 29 00:24:27 CEST 2011

I have been able to get my module to compile as an ext-pkg. However I'm a
little confused by the description of L4Re listed at

What exactly do I need to replace in my code to use the L4Re C or C++
libraries, or libstdc++ etc.? I didn't get any compilation errors with
code that directly calls malloc() and I saw some other modules call
malloc() too. But I would have thought all memory allocation/deallocation
needs to be changed to use an L4 function.

When I looked inside packages like cxx or libstdc++ it doesn't actually
look like these are replacements for the GNU headers or libraries.

Is the only code I need to have use L4Re functions and types the code that
is going to handle message receiving and sending? Everything else could be
as if it was not part of L4?


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