Sigma0 raised exception on boot

Anna Fischer anna.fischer at
Wed Aug 3 13:58:08 CEST 2011

I'm running Fiasco on the PandaBoard. On platform boot I'm getting an
error that Sigma0 raised an exception and then Fiasco panics and the
boot process stops.

Any idea what the problem could be? I can't find any more information to
debug this properly. I have compile Fiasco.OC and L4Re for the
PandaBoard platform. The board has 1GB memory.

L4 Bootstrapper
  Build: #162 Wed Aug  3 12:52:02 BST 2011, 4.5.2
  Scanning up to 1024 MB RAM
  Memory size is 1024MB (80000000 - c0000000)
  RAM: 0000000080000000 - 00000000bfffffff: 1048576kB
  Total RAM: 1024MB


  Relocated mbi to [0x8100f000-0x8100f1b1]
  Loading fiasco
  Loading sigma0
  Loading moe
  find kernel info page...
  found kernel info page at 0x80002000
Regions of list regions
    [ 80001000,  800019ff] {      a00} Kern   fiasco
    [ 80002000,  8005cfff] {    5b000} Kern   fiasco
    [ 80090000,  8009e17b] {     e17c} Sigma0 sigma0
    [ 80140000,  8017160b] {    3160c} Root   moe
    [ 80178000,  8018eec7] {    16ec8} Root   moe
    [ 81000000,  810143eb] {    143ec} Boot   bootstrap
    [ 8100f000,  8100f2ae] {      2af} Root   Multiboot info
    [ 81190000,  8194dfff] {   7be000} Root   Modules Memory
  API Version: (87) experimental
  Sigma0 config    ip:800900e0 sp:81013044
  Roottask config  ip:80140178 sp:00000000
  Starting kernel fiasco at 80001000
Hello from Startup::stage2
Initialize page table
Number of IRQs available at this GIC: 160
Cache config: ON
ID_PFR0:  00001231
ID_PFR1:  00000011
ID_DFR0:  00010444
ID_AFR0:  00000000
ID_MMFR0: 00100103
ID_MMFR1: 20000000
ID_MMFR2: 01230000
ID_MMFR3: 00102111
SERIAL ESC: allocated IRQ 106 for serial uart
Not using serial hack in slow timer handler.
Welcome to Fiasco.OC (arm)!
L4/Fiasco.OC arm microkernel (C) 1998-2011 TU Dresden
Rev: r36 compiled with gcc 4.5.2 for Pandaboard    []
Build: #4 Wed Aug  3 12:46:10 BST 2011

Calibrating timer loop... done.

KERNEL: Warning: Sigma0 raised an exception --> HALT
Panic: ...
Return reboots, "k" enters L4 kernel debugger...

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