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On Tue Aug 02, 2011 at 15:30:11 -0700, Bryce CR wrote:
> 0000000000000000 T
> _ZN14prio_queue_rel8relation6removeERKNS_13tuple_elementE
> 0000000000000000 T
> _ZN14prio_queue_rel8relation6updateERKNS_13tuple_elementERKNS_14tuple_priorityE
> The peculiar thing here is that the rest of the objects in the dump seem
> to be explicitly in jdb-labeled directories (instead of the kern
> directory), or are left undefined (printf, etc.).
> So why does jdb.o pick up my definitions from the kern directory? Should
> I look into putting these files in preprocess format?

Are you trying to include just header files or also files which leave
something in the resulting object?

In src/lib, there are some external libs included, maybe you want to
look there to see if this way works better for you.

> > I'm attempting to build the Fiasco.OC kernel including several
> > additional files. When I attempt to make, I get endless complaints about
> > multiple definitions of functions. The catch is, every single file I
> > have added has a unique include guard...
> > 
> > A few things I want to check:
> > > My files are written in standard c++ format, not Preprocess compatible
> > format. E.g. I make use of namespaces. I haven't added the files to any
> > modules lists / Makerules files, so my thinking is that I'm just trying
> > to link with these files but not use any of their features (for testing
> > purposes). My impression was that namespace usage would be tolerated for
> > files used thus: Preprocess doesn't complain. 
> > > The c++ preprocessor is still run, correct? I don't see include guards
> > in kernel source files: are these generated by Preprocess, or simply not
> > needed?
> > > Specifically, the errors start appearing at "==> Archiving into
> > jdb_compound.o," and they complain about finding a definition of a
> > function in my source file which was already defined in an object file,
> > e.g.:
> > 
> > jdb-ia32-amd64.o: In function
> > `prio_queue_rel::query_iterator_priority__element::next()':
> > /home/bryce/parsnip/fiasco_modified_src/recovery/src/kernel/fiasco/src/kern/R_test11impl.cpp:499: multiple definition of `prio_queue_rel::query_iterator_priority__element::next()'
> > jdb.o:/home/bryce/parsnip/fiasco_modified_src/recovery/src/kernel/fiasco/src/kern/R_test11impl.cpp:499: first defined here

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