L4Android bootstrap errors

giowck giowckln at googlemail.com
Sun Aug 28 14:17:27 CEST 2011


I'm trying to get L4Android working on a BeagleBoard (rev. C4).
After some minor issues, I finally managed to build L4Re, Fiasco.OC, 
L4Linux and L4Android successfully. Everything works great on my board, 
including L4Linux.
But L4Android gives me some errors during the bootstrap:

io      | Io service
io      | L4Re[rm]: unhandled read page fault @40000c pc=102b4c8
io      | L4Re: unhandled exception: pc=0x102b4c8

Please see [1] for the full bootstrap (target: ARM beagleboard).

To exclude some hardware related issues, I rebuilt L4Android with 
realview board (ARM) as target, in order to test it using qemu. This 
time, I get the following error:

android | L4Re: unhandled exception: pc=0xa80001c8

Please see [2] for the full bootstrap (target: ARM realview board).

Would be nice if someone could build L4Android for realview-b and tell 
me if it works in qemu. Maybe those errors are related to my newbieness :D

Just another thing. On the L4Android Website, in the 'build diskimage' 
instructions, you write:
"Next we need to modify the init.rc script. Mount the newly created 
image and locate the section where the system and data partition are to 
be mounted and replace the commands with the lines following the mount:"

mount cramfs /l4bdds0 /system
mount cramfs /l4bdds0 /system ro remount
mount tmpfs tmpfs /data size=32M

Then I saw that on your prebuilt root/system images for x86, the "on fs" 
section of the init.rc file is empty:

on fs
# mount mtd partitions

So, i could not compare the section with mine, which looks the following:

on fs
# mount mtd partitions
# Mount /system rw first to give the filesystem a chance to save a 
#    mount yaffs2 mtd at system /system
#    mount yaffs2 mtd at system /system ro remount
#    mount yaffs2 mtd at userdata /data nosuid nodev
mount cramfs /l4bdds0 /system
mount cramfs /l4bdds0 /system ro remount
mount tmpfs tmpfs /data size=32M

mount yaffs2 mtd at cache /cache nosuid nodev #unchanged

Anyway, I tried to empty the "on fs" section like on the prebuilt 
images, but the above errors still persist.
So any idea about those errors?

Thank you!

Build environment in use
- L4Re/L4Linux/Fiasco.OC: l4re-snapshot-2011062216 (not the last 
revision, since l4android needs to be updated)
- L4Android: latest available revision (19 Jul 2011)
- Compiler: CodeSourcery (arm-2010.09-50-arm-none-linux-gnueabi)
- OS: Ubuntu 11.04 x86

[1] http://pastebin.com/95M7iiPv
[2] http://pastebin.com/eYvM65ij

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