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Thank you to all for replies

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I have been teaching an L4-based course Advanced Operating Systems at UNSW since 1997, you can find all the lecture slides from this and previous years on the web site (http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~cs9242). A refreshed set of "microkernel internals" slides will be up at the end of this week. The course has been copied at Karlsruhe, Arizona State, ETH Zurich and Boston Uni among others (although not all of them are still running it).
On 21/09/2011, at 3:31 , Slex Sangiuliano wrote:Morning, i'm searching some university courses that use L4.
Searching on the net i found a document that talks of a university with a O.S. course with the target to build a small operating system based on l4 at the end of the course. Unfortunatly i haven't found slides and the university.

Do you know some univeristy that uses l4 for the O.S. course?
Thanks and sorry for the stupid request.
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