l4sigma0_map_iomem Allowed Addresses

Wesley Miaw wesley at wesman.net
Fri Sep 30 00:34:38 CEST 2011

I'm having some trouble understanding the acceptable values usable in a
call to l4sigma0_map_iomem. It looks like the way for me to request a map
from an available physical address block to a virtual memory address that
can be used by the program. Perhaps I am lacking a more fundamental
understanding of the ARM memory model.

But what addresses should be allowed? My Verstaile Express board has 1GB
RAM starting at physical address 0x60000000 but I can't use this address.
I immediately get an error. I also tried starting at 0x80000000. (The L4
Bootloader seems to be using memory at 0x60000000 for its own purposes

Error: Cannot map physical memory: (-2147451404) No fpage received

If I try to get size 0x04000000 from address 0x08000000 it works fine. I
am going off the memory map of the CoreTile A9x4.


The CoreTile A9x4 uses the Versatile Express Motherboard uATX's Legacy
memory map.


Wesley Miaw
wesley at wesman.net

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