Mouse and keyboard on L4Android

Giorgio Wicklein giowckln at
Fri Oct 14 15:34:06 CEST 2011


Short: how to get an USB mouse/keyboard working on L4Re?

I'm having some difficulties to get my keyboard and mouse on a beagleboard working.

I noticed that the io file of the realview-eb includes the keyboard and mouse hardware
addresses, since they are mapped to dedicated registers [1] on this board.

The beagleboard doesn't have such registers. Found only USB EHCI register
addresses and the related interrupt number.
So, I'm trying to connect an USB mouse and USB keyboard over the EHCI USB port.

Does L4Re support only PS/2 devices? Or also USB input devices?

Is USB working on L4Linux/L4Android?

I defined USB in my io file as following (for beagleboard):

USB => new Device()
    .hid = "usb";
    new-res Mmio(0x48064000 .. 0x48064fff);
    new-res Irq(77);

Can L4Linux access now to the USB interface, or are any further steps required?



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