Running L4 linux on Beagle board

Francois Goichon francois.goichon at
Thu Oct 20 19:36:20 CEST 2011

Hi Julien,

qemu-linaro emulates the real BB boot process and you therefore have to provide a bootable SD-card device or image instead of just the kernel ELF.

   qemu-system-arm -M beagle -m 512 --clock unix --serial stdio -sd <device name | image file>

The SD image must contain proper BB initialization instructions. MLO + u-boot are usually used for this.

Angstrom demo files will probably be a great source of inspiration for you: .


On Thu Oct 20, 2011 at 12:20:52 +0200, Julien SIMONE wrote:
> I tried to run L4linux on a beagle board. I downloaded the snapshot, did
> I compiled quiet well but I can't launch le L4linux on my qemu (Maybe I
> did something wrong), I'm currently using qemu-linaro (last release)
> Qemu-system-arm -M beagle -m512 -kernel
> obj/l4/arm-beagleboard/images/bootstrap_L4Linux_ARM.elf  -initrd
> files/ramdisks-arm.rd
> And I get this error:
> Qemu:Hardware error: no boot device found
> CPU#0
> {registers....}
> Aborted

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