L4Linux modules PB11MPCORE

Varun Ganesh vganesh2 at ncsu.edu
Sat Nov 19 07:59:17 CET 2011


I am trying to load L4Linux on PB11MPCORE. 

I have only the following modules loding up 
and configured in modules.list

mod09: 014b9000-017b9000: ramdisk-arm.rd    
  mod08: 011f7000-014b8488: vmlinuz.arm 
  mod07: 011f6000-011f60bd: arm-rv.io  
  mod06: 01118000-011f5078: io  
  mod05: 01117000-01117189: l4lx.cfg  
  mod04: 010c1000-01116670: ned  
  mod03: 010a6000-010c039c: l4re
  mod02: 0106b000-010a5b54: moe
  mod01: 01061000-0106a714: sigma0
  mod00: 01014000-010604b0: fiasco 
The kernel hangs after fetching kernel info at regions.optimize
Are these modules sufficient or 
should I have any others configured

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