L4Linux modules PB11MPCORE

Varun Ganesh vganesh2 at ncsu.edu
Sun Nov 20 01:21:35 CET 2011

I have also noticed that the l4lx.cfg does not have much 
compared to other examples under conf/examples. 
The l4lx.cfg file is as follows

-- vim:set ft=lua:

local lxname = "vmlinuz";
if L4.Info.arch() == "arm" then
  lxname = "vmlinuz.arm";

  { caps = {
      log = L4.Env.log:m("rws"),
    l4re_dbg = L4.Dbg.Warn,
    log = { "l4linux", "yellow" },
  "rom/" .. lxname .. " mem=64M console=ttyLv0 l4x_rd=rom/ramdisk-" .. 
L4.Info.arch() .. ".rd root=1:0 ramdisk_size=4000 init=/bin/sh");
I have updated the modules.list file to include modules such as 
lua and loader but still the problem persists. 
Must i make some changes to this file?

Varun Ganesh

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