Genode OS Framework 11.11 released

Stefan Kalkowski stefan.kalkowski at
Tue Nov 29 22:11:12 CET 2011

Dear L4 hackers,

we're pleased to announce the release of version 11.11 of the Genode OS
Framework. Genode is an OS architecture that promises to align high
security and robustness with dynamic application workloads. It is laid
out to run on a number of different microkernels including Nova and

To name a few, version 11.11 features GDB debugging facility, the
integration of the Vancouver virtual machine monitor, the support of
running Android based on the work of the L4Android project, and the
ability to execute complex command-line based UNIX software (i.e., VIM)
natively on Genode.

A short summary of the release-notes follows:

* Support for user-level debugging via GDB
* Applications and services
  * Vancouver virtual machine monitor on NOVA
  * VIM executed on the Noux runtime environment
  * Terminal emulator implementing the Linux termcap
  * TCP terminal
* Platforms
  * Fiasco.OC updated to rev 38
  * NOVA updated to version 0.4
  * New IPC implementation for Linux
  * Improved support for hybrid Linux/Genode programs
* L4Linux on Fiasco.OC
  * Integration of L4Android (for both x86_32 and ARM)
  * Stub drivers for block devices, NIC, UART
* Device drivers
  * gPXE device driver environment upgraded to iPXE
  * Bidirectional UART driver for PL011 and i8250
  * PL110 display driver
  * Support for ARM Versatile Express Cortex-A9x4
* Libc update to FreeBSD 8.2.0
* New unified tool chain based on GCC 4.6.1

You will find a more elaborative discussion of those topics in
our comprehensive release-notes document for version 11.11:

The new version is ready for download at our download page at
Sourceforge and our public SVN repository:


Stefan Kalkowski
Genode Labs ·

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