Building l4con lib and examples

Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Thu Dec 15 21:51:52 CET 2011


On Thu Dec 15, 2011 at 03:03:03 +0700, Adi Lima wrote:
> I've been trying to build l4con/lib (actually what I need is libcon.a), but
> unfortunately I never
> be able to do it.
> I am using *l4re-snapshot-2011081207*, which I believe is the latest
> release.
> When I check the Makefiles inside the source tree, I found a few commented
> lines in client_con and
> contxt directory contains no sources (apparently the sources are being
> placed inside src directory).
> Is this package still active or will be removed in the future?
> Or, is there any way for me to build the package? I need libcon.a to build
> some test.

May I ask why you need libcon.a? Admittedly I could have cleaned that up
better but generally l4con implements the usual framebuffer interface
and can be talked to as the other implementations of that interface. So
a l4con specific client library is not supposed to be needed anymore.

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