L4Android and L4Linux parallel on an i.MX53

Tobias Fink tobifnk at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 5 10:41:03 CET 2012

Hello List,

for my bachelor project I'm trying to run Android and Linux parallel on an
i.MX53 Board. While the first approach with KVM seemed not to be the right
way to go L4 looks promising.

While I found many interesting and helpful topics in this list I still have
some questions.
I tried to first build the "Hello World" example which worked fine but
failed in building other examples because of not fulfilled dependencies
(first to note io). I already checked out "l4linux_requirements". What else
do I need?

The board is a custom board with very little documentation. I have some
Linux drivers for the connected hardware. Is it possible to use them with
L4Linux or would I have to get/write drivers for L4 itself?

Sorry about these very basic questions. I've just started working with L4.

Regards Tobi
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