Booting L4/Fiasco + L4Re on PC

석현철 hcseok at
Wed May 16 07:59:54 CEST 2012



I’ve tried to boot L4/Fiasco on PC.


I followed the directions for building from both “http://os.inf.tu-dresden.
de/fiasco/build.html” and “”

And I could run L4/Fiasco on QEMU.


Now I hope I want to boot L4 on PC environment.

As I searched, it can be done through GRUB. (But, I am not convinced that
it is right way.)

Anyway, I’ve tried to boot L4 by using GRUB.


I use Ubuntu Linux for compiling L4/Fiasco and L4Re. In this, there is


I made the bootable ISO image.

(It is done by “make grub2iso E=hello MODULE_SEARCH_PATH={mypath}”)


And then, what should I do in order to boot L4 on PC?


How should I configure the GRUB configuration?


I really want to know how to boot L4 on PC. Please, help me!



Kind Regards,

Hyunchul Seok.



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