I have a question about L4Linux

Ednilson Ricardo ed.ricardo at hotmail.com
Mon May 28 20:36:47 CEST 2012

Hello, I have some doubts about the L4Linux, can you help me?

*** What are the purposes of L4Linux?Hardware subjaecnte that OS (capacity and types of memory, processor, bus, etc.).*** With this operating system can work? What capacity and type of hardware it runs? What is the architecture that it needs to function? the type of memory itworks? processors that it works, buses, and everything involved in the operating system. What it needs hardware to run? What type of application it serves?Interaticas, batch, real-time, etc..*** What are the characteristics related to the accomplishment of the application,low response time, low turnaround time, etc.. (View aqielas applications, which it meets the requirements) as it meets these requirements? -> It is otimisado,blibioterca specific uses, he uses some dynamic code that allows it meets these requirements, then how it will work.*** What is your architecture? (Monolithic? Layered? Micro-kernel virtual machineor some other system) PREFERENCE TO EXPLAIN AND THE GREATERLEVEL POSSIBLE to detail.*** If the operating system is not supposed or threads (the core of User, hybrid?)And how the theads are implemented in the OS (if it meets it has a mechanism forimplementation (How it was implemented) 		 	   		  
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