L4Android on Pandaboard

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Sun Jun 17 15:28:01 CEST 2012

Hello, everyone!

I'm new to L4Android and I'm interested in running L4Android on Pandaboard (OMAP4430).

I tried to pack the system image of Android userland together with the kernel into a single U-image, but Pandaboard cannot finish loading the U-image.
If the system image of Android userland is not included in the U-image, Pandaboard is able to load the U-image and boot the kernel.
So I unpacked the system image to a separate partition on the SD card and I'm now trying to make L4Android use the partition.
However, L4Android does not seem to recognize the entire SD card. There is no MMC devices under /dev/block. Instead, only 15 ram devices and 1 l4bdds device are there.

I'm not sure whether L4Android has the right driver for SD card-related devices on Pandaboard.
On the other hand, since I'm not familiar with Pandaboard, I don't know if I'm using the right device configuration (in the form of a .devs file) for the I/O server of L4Re.

Could anyone help?
Does anyone have a suitable .devs file for Pandaboard OMAP4430?

Thank you in advance!

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