starting mag in l4con virtual console

Valery V. Sedletski _valerius at
Mon Jun 25 02:51:00 CEST 2012

hi, l4-hackers!

I'm now experimenting with l4con from l4re. I found that now l4con is 
exporting the console access via Goos interface. And l4dope is started 
in Mag buffer. And equally, because l4con exports the same interface, it 
can be started in l4con virtual console. I tried that, it works perfectly.

Then I tried the same with Mag in l4con buffer. -- It even starts, but 
the mouse isn't moving.

I looked into Mag source, and discovered that Mag has plugins. But I 
have no idea how to use them. Can you give me a hint?

Also, I found that there is two input plugins, one of them using event 
interface, other using libinput library. I suspect that I must to use 
the event one, but how?

I start Mag the same way as DOpE. The single difference from the usual 
way of starting Mag is that vbus cap is missing (I gave the vbus cap to 
l4con, so, I think that Mag should not access input devices directly via 
vbus_input, but what instead?)

So, I have the following output from Mag:

[32mmag     | libio: Warning: Query of 'vbus' failed![0m
[32mmag     | Hello from MAG[0m
[32mmag     | mapped frame buffer at 0x400000[0m
[32mmag     | View::Info:[0m
[32mmag     |   flags: 0[0m
[32mmag     |   size:  800x582  pos: 0, 0[0m
[32mmag     |   bytes_per_line: 1600[0m
[32mmag     |   buffer_offset:  0[0m
[32mmag     |   RGBA(2): 5(11):6(5):5(0):0(0)[0m
[32mmag     |   memory 400000-4e3580[0m
[32mmag     | L4INPUT native mode activated[0m
[37ml4con   | vc[4] 800x600 at 16, bpl:1600, gmode:0x0 save:1[0m
[32mmag     | L4INPUT:                !!! W A R N I N G !!![0m
[32mmag     | L4INPUT:  Please, do not use Fiasco's "-esc" with L4INPUT.[0m
[32mmag     | L4INPUT:                !!! W A R N I N G !!![0m[32m[0m
[32mmag     | 
failed l4input_internal_i8042_init(): -16[0m

I found in the event input plugin source that it requires the "ev" cap. 
But where I can get it from?

I start Mag this way:

loader = L4.default_loader;
local mag_svc = loader:new_channel();

-- Start mag
     caps = {
       fb = con_svc:create(L4.Proto.Goos, "g=800x600");
       svc = mag_svc:svr();
     l4re_dbg = L4.Dbg.Warn,
     log = {"mag", "green"},

Thanks in advance!


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