i.MX53QSB port + IOmem access

Andy Wagner rootless at att.net
Sat Aug 4 04:22:24 CEST 2012

We have a minimal fiasco/l4re/l4linux port running on Freescale i.MX53QSB.
Uart (console), tzic, epit and wdog appear to be working.

We are now proceeding to port migrate some native drivers (eg., FEC) for QSB into

We have run into an issue with access to IO regions:
- aips1 region is defined in IO map and virtual to physical mappings are handled via callback in mach_setup <similar to dmamem_cb>.
- virtual memory is apparently being assigned.
We have attempted IO with varying size map/requests down to 4k page. Results are similar
regardless of size of requested region.

Attempt to read from IO region at  assigned virtual location causes the kernel to hang.
Escaping to debugger <esc> and checking both virtual and physical address for IO area reveal same contents -- which suggests that the mapping exists.

The question is why does the kernel hang ?

Part of boot log below:
Calling predefined callback for device 'aips1'.
IO      | new iomem region: p=53c00000 v=c00000 s=400000 (bmb=0x3650)
IO      | map mem: p=53f00000 v=f00000 s=100000: done
aips1 mem phys at 53f00000 - 53ffffff
aips1 mem virt at 08500000 - 085fffff
Added static device 'aips2' with 1 resources.
Calling predefined callback for device 'dmamem'.
DMA mem phys at 703be000 - 70bbdfff
DMA mem virt at 10900000 - 110fffff
dmamem_cb: dma_alloc_coherent: va: 10900000 phys: 703be000
init_l4: about to read(va): 085d4018

VA 85d4018/53fd4018 is CCM_CBCMR <a clock control register, several of which need to be set up by initialisation code in order to bring up devices such as FEC>.

We have confirmed that writes/read for dmamem virtual addresses appear in physical equivalent.

l4linux is configured as arm7; fiasco as cortex/a8.

The entire aips1 region has been mapped by fiasco as well -- because fiasco only maps 1M segments and requires access to aips1 <etc> in order to have uart, clock, tzic. Does fiasco page create a 
conflict for IO ?

We also tried to map physical memory transparently to native imx53 layout using create_mapping(). Access via mappings established this way result in unresolved page faults. Drivers and IO maps will 
not port without significant hassle unless we are able to specify virt/phys mappings.

Behaviour of the kernel suggests that page faults are not being handled.

Any help is appreciated.

thanks in advance,

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