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>Why do you need the IRQ in L4Linux then? Who is driving the touchscreen? That
>instance should handle the TS IRQ as well.
in mag, the tsc-omap3.c gets the coordinate like this
mag      | l4evdev.c Ev[22]. D:  OMAP_TSC/input0, T : 3, C : 0  , V: 1085  
mag      | l4evdev.c Ev[23]. D:  OMAP_TSC/input0, T : 3, C : 1  , V: 701
I want to make the l4linux and android kown the coordinate.
now i cat /proc/interrupts it shows
210:                        32                  l4               l4-uart
211:                          0                  l4               l4fbev
Err:                            0
when i touch the omap3530 screen , the l4fbev still shows 0. i think i didn't get the l4fbev interruput.then how can i get it?
in l4fb.c, there is the function irqerurn_t event_interrupt(), but in my board it didn't perform.maybe it is the reson?
thanks very much!
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