Announcement: Genode 12.08 improves NOVA and ARM support

Christian Helmuth christian.helmuth at
Thu Aug 23 11:09:21 CEST 2012

Today Genode Labs released the 4th anniversary version of the Genode
OS Framework. Most notable are the NOVA microhypervisor platform
improvements for x86 64bit, object-integrity protection, and
centralized kernel-resource allocation in core as well as
comprehensive support for the OMAP4 SoC used in the PandaBoard.

A quick overview of all changes that come with version 12.08:

- Base platforms
  - New base-hw platform for running the framework on
    bare ARM hardware
  - NOVA support for x86_64, object integrity protection,
    core-only kernel-resource allocation
- New OMAP4 SoC device drivers
  - HDMI output
  - SD-card
  - Networking
- New FFAT-based file-system service
- New TAR file-system service
- Improved Noux runtime
  - New port of the Lynx web browser
  - Shell scripting support
- 3rd-party libraries
  - New ports of openssl, pcre, expat
  - MPC, libgmp for x86_64 and ARM
  - lwIP updated to version 1.4.1-rc1
- New port of the lighttpd web server

More details are described in the release notes

Have fun with our new release
Christian Helmuth
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