problem booting L4Linux

Death Jester death.jester at
Thu Sep 20 13:04:35 CEST 2012

Hello Everybody,
does anybody know what the following message means:
Welcome to Fiasco.OC (arm)!
L4/Fiasco.OC arm microkernel (C) 1998-2012 TU Dresden
Rev: r40 compiled with gcc 4.4.5 for Marvell Kirkwood    []
Build: #1 Thu Sep 20 09:59:27 UTC 2012

Calibrating timer loop... done.
SIGMA0: Hello!
  KIP @ 2000
  allocated 4KB for maintenance structures
SIGMA0: Dump of all resource maps
MOE: Hello world
MOE: found 240780 KByte free memory
MOE: found RAM from 59000 to f000000
MOE: allocated 239 KByte for the page array @0x9f000
MOE: virtual user address space [0-bfffffff]
MOE: rom name space cap -> [C:501000]
  BOOTFS: [14b4000-14cd448] [C:503000] l4re
  BOOTFS: [14ce000-1528bc8] [C:504000] ned
  BOOTFS: [1100000-1100189] [C:505000] l4lx.cfg
  BOOTFS: [1101000-11eb1ac] [C:506000] io
  BOOTFS: [11ec000-11ec0bd] [C:507000]
  BOOTFS: [11ed000-14ae474] [C:508000] vmlinuz.arm
  BOOTFS: [14af000-14b3a86] [C:509000] ramdisk-arm.rd
MOE: cmdline: moe rom/l4lx.cfg
MOE: Starting: rom/ned rom/l4lx.cfg
MOE: loading 'rom/ned'
Ned says: Hi World!
Ned: loading file: 'rom/l4lx.cfg'
Ned: ERROR: cannot read rom/l4lx.cfg: Invalid argument

My 'l4lx.cfg' file is the default file from the l4/conf/examples
folder. I haven't changed anything. And my 'modules.list' looks like
modaddr 0x01100000

entry L4Linux_ARM
kernel fiasco -serial_esc
roottask moe rom/l4lx.cfg
module l4re
module ned
module l4lx.cfg
module io
module vmlinuz.arm
module ramdisk-arm.rd

I'm using the latest L4re, Fiasco and L4Linux checked out from the SVN
today and I'm running a Kirkwood based device.

Any help is appreciated!


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