Full Virtulization for Trustzone

meng-qy meng-qy at neusoft.com
Tue Nov 20 05:19:39 CET 2012

Hi, all:

     Now,we have transplanted fiasco to imx 51 bbg board. When we use l4_vm_run to init a 

NS world(refer to the example of vm-tz), the system stop in the step of "VM run". More specially,

we stop with the function of "tz_switch_to_ns" according to debug info. Following is our log info:

MOE: Hello world                                                                  
MOE: found 506952 KByte free memory                                               
MOE: found RAM from 90000000 to af000000                                          
MOE: allocated 496 KByte for the page array @0x9009f000                           
MOE: virtual user address space [0-bfffffff]                                      
MOE: rom name space cap -> [C:501000]                                             
  BOOTFS: [91100000-91119428] [C:503000] l4re                                     
  BOOTFS: [9111a000-91133544] [C:504000] vm-tz                                    
  BOOTFS: [91134000-911341e4] [C:505000] test.bin                                 
MOE: cmdline: moe --init=rom/vm-tz                                                
MOE: Starting: rom/vm-tz                                                          
MOE: loading 'rom/vm-tz'                                                          
Vmm started 
Vm run

Our configuration is:
    Ram_base = 0x60009000, // The reserved address in imx51, l4sigma0_map_iomem() seems ok.
    Ram_size = 0x4000000, // 128 MB
    Start_addr = Ram_base + 0x1000000, // +1MB

  test.bin is bare uart test-app which tested ok in imx51 bbg, we set entry "0x60009000" 

corresponds with Start_addr.

Maybe we make some mistakes or some wrong understanding, can someone give some guidance and suggestion?

Thanks a lot!

Looking forward your reply.

Steven Meng

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