l4-hackers Digest, Vol 115, Issue 18

Death Jester death.jester at web.de
Fri Nov 23 13:11:24 CET 2012

> Hi,
> On Wed Nov 21, 2012 at 18:45:25 +0100, Death Jester wrote:
>> I have a problem with the latest version of L4Re. It just can't build it
>> for ARM. I get the folllowing error message while building:
>>   ... Compiling cfg_scan.o
>>   ... Compiling cfg_parser.tab.o
>>   ==> Linking io
>> main.o: In function `run':
>> /home/jester/Repositories/test/src/l4re/l4/pkg/io/server/src/main.cc:385: undefined
>> There seems to be an issue with the function luaopen_Io but I don't know
>> what to do to fix this. Can anybody help me?
>> I have already tried different toolchains. The Linaro toolchain 2012.10
>> and also different versions from Code Sourcery (2010.09 and 2012.09).
> There could be some unfortunate thing in the Makefile. Is
> lua_glue.swg.cc maybe empty? If yes, restore it and try again.
> Adam
Hi Adam,
thank you for your answer, that fixed the problem for me. I just removed
the file and did a "svn update
to pull it again from the server. Afterwards I was able to build L4re again.


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