startstop test case of the NOVA-NUL microhypervisor

Mehdi AICHOUCH foxmehdi at
Fri Dec 7 19:32:41 CET 2012

Hello everyone,

I am trying to test the NOVA+NUL microhypervisor.
I played with the test application "nul/michal/apps/tests/startstop".

So, I modified this test to try a new a new test case, by modifying the
"hello" program that is
started by the "startstop" program.

I added to the Hello program the following code :

TimerHelper * timer;
timer = new TimerHelper(this);

while(1) {
Logging::printf("Hello ... \n", now);

This simple code will print a message and suspend the Hello program for 1

The problem is that when I tested this program alone, it worked perfectly
but when this same program is started by the "startstop" program using
start_config(), it does not suspend
on the msleep(1000).

Is my test correct or allowed by the NOVA-NUL microhypervisor?
If it is the case, could anyone please help to debug this issue.

Many thanks in advance.

PS: this is my configuration script.

#!/usr/bin/env novaboot
# -*-sh-*-
QEMU_FLAGS=-cpu phenom -smp 1 -serial stdio
bin/apps/sigma0.nul tracebuffer_verbose S0_DEFAULT hostserial hostvga
hostkeyb:0,0x60,1,12,2 \
    script_start:1 script_waitchild service_config
bin/apps/startstop.nulconfig <<EOF
sigma0::cpu:1 sigma0::mem:16 name::/s0/log name::/s0/config name::/s0/timer
name::/s0/fs/rom name::/s0/admission ||
rom://bin/apps/startstop.nul rom://test.nulconfig
test.nulconfig <<EOF
sigma0::cpu:1 sigma0::mem:16 name::/s0/log name::/s0/admission ||
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