No known ld emulation found

Torsten Rüger torsten at
Tue Dec 25 15:05:37 CET 2012


I got the latest fiasco sources, tried to compile on a macbook pro (intel core 2 duo) but i get the above message.

I did try to set it to amd64 with intel duo option. This is not my final target, i just wanted to play a bit (possibly on an emulator). Do i need a cross compiler or something , because i only have gcc 4.2.1.

Something simple i'm missing ?


hopea:build raisantorsten$ make
test -e source || ln -sf /Users/raisantorsten/Desktop/fiasco-2012111623/src/kernel/fiasco/src source
Cleaning up build directory
Creating .Modules.deps
make srcdir=/Users/raisantorsten/Desktop/fiasco-2012111623/src/kernel/fiasco/src objbase=/Users/raisantorsten/Desktop/fiasco-2012111623/src/kernel/build -f /Users/raisantorsten/Desktop/fiasco-2012111623/src/kernel/fiasco/src/Makefile.sub1 
rm -f							      	      \
touch .Clean-auto
-n Checking compiler config... 
CHANGED.  Recompiling.
No known ld emulation found
make[1]: *** [.Host-config] Error 1
make: *** [create-sources] Error 2

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