Ankh with l4Linux

Björn Döbel doebel at
Thu Mar 15 21:50:41 CET 2012


> I figured it out.



> I have another question. I am trying to incorporate "Tigon3
> driver" (Broadcom ethernet driver) into Ankh. Has anybody done that
> successfully before?

Yes. I think we had TG3 running in Ankh's predecessor.

> This is how I am approaching it.
> - I took tg3.c & tg3.h from linux-2.6.29/drivers/net and put it under
> l4/pkg/ankh/server/netlib
> - I am trying to add "PHY" device support to "dde-linux26_net" so that
> tigon3 can be build.
> I am still getting some link-time errors which I am trying to solve. My
> question is, does this look like a right approach to you?

The approach looks perfect. If you need help with the link time errors,
just let us know. We'll also happily accept patches. ;)


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