Ankh with l4Linux

Björn Döbel doebel at
Thu Mar 15 22:20:40 CET 2012


> Since you offered to help with link errors, here they are. Lets focus on
> two errors first, solving them might give me some ideas about solving
> other link errors.
> 1. l4/pkg/ankh/server/netlib/tg3.c:11644: undefined reference to
> `pci_get_device'
> This method is defined in
> "l4/pkg/dde/linux26/contrib/drivers/pci/search.c". This file is getting
> built into "dde-linux26". 
> And "Ankh" links to "dde-linux26", so it should find the reference.
> 2. l4/pkg/ankh/server/netlib/tg3.c:11659: undefined reference to
> `pci_dev_put'
> This method is present in
> "l4/pkg/dde/linux26/lib/src/drivers/pci/pci-driver.c". And is getting
> built into "dde-linux26" also.

Please go to your L4 build directory and find libdde_linux26.a. Run 'nm'
on it and find out what type and visibility these symbols have in the


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