L4Android and L4Linux parallel on an i.MX53

Tobias Fink tobias.fink at stud.h-da.de
Tue Mar 20 14:24:46 CET 2012


2012/3/15 Matthias Lange <mlange at sec.t-labs.tu-berlin.de>:
> I think the UART is not working correctly. "Starting kernel ..." is the
> last message of the platform bootloader. The L4 bootstrapper is already
> silent. You should check that you are using the right UART driver.

I'll look into that thank you!

>> At this point it stops and doesn't respond to any input. I found out
>> that Busybox comes up with that message when it is started on the
>> incorrect console device. If I put in anything but console=ttyLv0 in
>> the L4Linux .cfg file it stops with Kernel panic. Can somebody give my
>> a hint on where to look for a solution?
> Have you started Fiasco with the "-serial_esc" option?

Yes it was started with the right option. To my embarressment I have
to admit that the problem must have been some hardware connection
issue which wasn't obvious because I could configure uboot through the
same connection. Now it works even though I reversed all changes I

So far so good I have a working shell with one L4Linux instance I'm
trying to find out more about the way that the hardware is passed
through to L4Linux.
Still all the documentation that I could find were some guides on how
to compile the basic system and the L4Re documentation which to be
honest doesn't help an awfull lot to get started.
The IGEP-Board has two serial port which would be perfect to give each
of the two instances I'd like to run one serial port to communicate.
As I can't find any configuration setting in L4Re or Fiasco on which
COM-Port it uses I'm again kind of suck. Any piece of advice is

Regards Tobi

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