Trustzone & Fiasco.OC

Wesley Miaw wesley at
Thu Mar 22 21:02:52 CET 2012

Hi Stefan,

I continued some of the work related to this and have provided a tarball
back to Adam L. containing an example TrustZone implementation for the ARM
Versatile Express board with some documentation. My tarball includes
patches to Linux to communicate between the two worlds.

It is not fully tested or fully functional. But Adam has the tarball and
hopefully it will get properly integrated into the main tree at some


On Thu, March 22, 2012 09:20, Stefan Kalkowski wrote:
> I'd like to investigate the VM functionality for ARM's TrustZone in
> Fiasco.OC. I've read the paper of Torsten Frenzel et al. which covers
> experiments done with ARM TrustZone in Fiasco as a virtualization
> technique. In that paper they reference a VMM controlling the "normal
> world" VM(s), but unfortunately I cannot find it in the L4Re or L4Env
> tree.
> Is it publicly available, and if so could you please direct me to the
> right place?

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