Can't get sender from l4_ipc_wait()

Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Tue Apr 17 00:26:19 CEST 2012


On Sun Apr 15, 2012 at 23:40:59 -0500, Haohui Mai wrote:
> Thanks for you suggestions. I did get sources from l4_ipc_wait() --
> but I still cant map it back to the thread originating the IPC.
> I created an IPC gate for each task to receive page faults and
> exceptions, where I set the label of the gate to be my task
> identifier.
> I did get my task identifier back, but it seems there's no way to get
> my thread identifier since the source code of L4 Fiasco suggests that
> l4_ipc_wait() will only return the label of the IPC gate as the
> source.

Yes, that's this way.

> Setting the same pager for all threads in a single task seems a
> reasonable thing to do but obviously it lost the information for
> thread identifier.
> In order to recover this information, does it mean that I should
> create an IPC gate for each thread, setting its label to thread
> identifier in order to recover this information?

If you want to know which thread it is exactly, yes, you would need to
create a gate for each thread, otherwise there is no id anyway for the
thread in the pager's task.
> Taking a step back, am I doing the right thing? If the answer is no,
> what would be the suggested architecture?

Interesting to know would be why you need to know the thread exactly?
For mapping at least, only the task itself is relevant.

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