Fiasco.OC development status

QiuYi qiu711017 at
Thu Apr 19 10:03:56 CEST 2012

 > On 10.04.2012 07:20, Robert Campbell wrote:
>> Thank you Bjoern.
>> Any idea when new release will be made and what changes and improvements to
>> expect?
> Unfortunately, there is no more specific answer than: There will be a
> new release soon (maybe this summer). No major new features, but all
> components will have undergone further developments & fixes.
> Are there any features you are interested in specifically and that you
> are missing from or cannot find in the current release?
> Bjoern

I am interested in the drivers of touchscreen, keypad and NANDflash on the beagleboard at the L4RE and L4linux.


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