porting file system for L4/fiasco & L4re

Adam Lackorzynski adam at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Mon Jun 11 22:32:53 CEST 2012


On Mon Jun 11, 2012 at 15:12:34 +0900, mkmaeng wrote:
> I have questions about using file system for L4/fiasco & L4re.
> I tried to convert applications using file I/O to L4 environment but I
> failed.
> So I realized that I need to use file system in L4/fiasco, but I couldn't
> find any documents about it.
> I have two questions.
> 1. How can I put root file system on L4/fiasco? Are there any references or
> documents that I can refer?
> 2. How can I verify whether file system is working or not. Are there any
> libraries for L4 to use file I/O?

In L4Re every application has its own filesystem and others are mounting
therein. The most prominent is the rom/ filesystem which contains all
the loaded modules and is available to all application read-only.
So typically when an application needs files they can be loaded as a
modules and are then available under rom/. For using it it's as simple
as open("rom/file.xyz", O_RDONLY), read, mmap, etc.

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