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Marcus Haehnel mhaehnel at
Mon Jul 9 07:38:18 CEST 2012


Am 2012-07-09 04:44, schrieb gaober:
> hi!
>  1.i find there is l4_ipc_error( ) ops like that in .h files,but 
> where
> can i find the
>  implementation of that func?

As the function is inlined, its implementation is in the very same 
header file (pkg/l4sys/include/ipc.h). It just returns the error code, 
stored in the utcb, which was set during IPC.

>  2.l4_ipc_error( ),return 4,i look up in l4re document it means
> L4_ENOT_EXISTENT.but how can i solve that?

The documentation in the header file (pkg/l4sys/include/ipc.h) is quite 
clear about the error source:

L4_IPC_ENOT_EXISTENT    = 0x04, /**< Non-existing destination or 

could you please give us a minimal code example (including the lua 
script and both communcation partners) that causes this? You 
communication partner has probably terminated or something like that.

- Marcus

>  thanks!

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