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Hi Matthias, thanks for the fast reply. Indeed I have already added the bus for PCI devices into the x86.vbus file as follows:

rtc => new System_bus()
  # Add the RTC (PNP0B00) as a virtual device
  rtc => wrap(hw-root.match("PNP0B00"));

con_bus => new System_bus()
  ps2 => wrap(hw-root.match("PNP0303"));

# Virtual bus for the fb-drv server
fb => new System_bus()
  # The BIOS memory regions to execute the VESA BIOS
  bios => wrap(hw-root.BIOS);

  # PIT (accessd by various VESA BIOSes)
  pit  => wrap(hw-root.match("PNP0100"));

  # used for IO delay on various VESA BIOSes
  p80  => wrap(hw-root.match("P80"));

  # Legacy VGA MMIO and I/O Ports
  vga  => wrap(hw-root.match("PNP0900"));

  # Use virtual PCI bus that keeps the physical bus structure
  # because the VESA BIOS may store the physical PCI address
  # when initialized by the host BIOS
  PCI0 => new PCI_bus_ident()
    # Dummy device 0 on PCI bus 0 makes cirrus VESA BIOS happy
    host_bridge_dummy => new PCI_dummy_device();

    # Put all display devices on our virtual PCI bus PCI class code 0x03
    gfx[] => wrap(hw-root.match("PCI/CC_03"));

android_bus => new System_bus()
  # Add a new virtual PCI root bridge
  PCI0 => new PCI_bus()
    # Add all real PCI devices that match the CIDs to the virtual PCI bus
    # NOTE: PCI/CC_xx means PCI class code == xx.
    #       CC_01 => storage devices
    #       CC_02 => network devices
    #       CC_04 => multimedia devices
    #       CC_0c => serial bus devices (USB)
    pci[] => wrap(hw-root.match("PCI/CC_02"));

I guess the "pci[] =>  wrap(hw-root.match("PCI/CC_02"));" line should have been handling this, I checked also the l4 kernel and saw that the PCI device support was already chosen, still I can not achieve eth device on the virtualized android kernel 

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On Mon, Aug 06, 2012 at 02:35:02AM -0700, Wajidali Whowe wrote:
> Dear all, 
> I have been working on running different linux based OSs on top of L4.
> Is there any documentation or tutorial where I might find information on how to make platform devices available for the linux OS running on top of L4. For instance, I could not get ethernet devices detected by the OS.

In case of a PCI device you simply add that to the respective vbus and compile the
corresponding driver into L4Linux. Make sure to activate the virtual PCI bus
driver in L4Linux.


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