Alexander Boettcher alexander.boettcher at
Tue Aug 14 09:06:04 CEST 2012


On 13.08.2012 15:07, oleg wrote:
> Hi.
> While I was trying to boot the difffernt iso image from the grml.iso
> that was represented in your demo-CD I face a problem. It writes in log
> "boot from disk" and in the virtual machine screen "VgaBios
> booting" that `s all. Nothing is going on. I tried to compile NUL from
> scratch but after compilation it does not even want to boot grml.iso
> image. Mayby I did something wrong in my .nulconfig file? You can see it
> bellow.
> name::/s0/log name::/s0/admission name::/s0/events name::/s0/timer
> name::/s0/fs/rom sigma0::mem:500 sigma0::drive:1 ||
> rom:///bin/apps/vancouver.nul vga_fbsize:4096 kbmodifier:0x40000 PC_PS2
> ahci:0xe0900000,14 drive:1,0,1 ||

Please post your complete config file and the whole log trace in order
to have a chance to help you.
Do you try to run it natively or in Qemu ?

Several working examples using disks and vdisks you find here [1]. The
tests are executed natively and are based on the github version of NUL,
see [0] for the links. The actual configuration are also publicly
available via github.

> And one more question. I could not find any information on how to set
> virtual hard disk image to virtual machine. In other words how to show
> the Virtual machines which hard disk to use. Could you discribe this
> process or at least give me a link where to find this information. Thanks

Best regards,

Alex B.


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