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Wed Aug 15 09:16:52 CEST 2012


On 14.08.2012 14:41, oleg wrote:
> I managed to get complete log files. You can find it in attached files.
> Please have a look. The section that marked with (6) is my attempt to
> start VM with 2nd drive and the section that marked with (7) is my
> attempt to start VM with 1st drive.

please make sure that you have a hybrid ISO images which is also
directly USB bootable.

NUL does support as virtual disk raw disks and hybrid ISO/USB bootable
images, normal ISO images are not working.

Beside that, the log for (7) looks good. I guess you don't have here a
hybrid ISO/USB bootable image.

In Log (6) Vancouver complains about not able to get access to the
second vdisk:

__parameter_drive_function() line 430: '!mb.bus_disk.send(msg0) ||
msg0.error != MessageDisk::DISK_
(6) | OK' error = 1 void __parameter_drive_function(Motherboard&, long
unsigned int*, const char*, unsi
(6) | gned int) could not get disk 1 parameters error 2

The parameters for your vancouver1 should look like:

ahci:0xe0800000,14 drive:1,0,0

At least the second part of the "drive" parameter is wrong. (Please see
Readme.vmm for details.) The second parameter specifies the ahci
controller, you have only 1 (you specified only one time "ahci:" and
therefore you have to use 0 here.)


Alex B.

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