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schrieb Dustin Oprea <myselfasunder at>:

> Bjoern:
> I've already run through the process at the L4RE link, and got the
> "hello" example booting in a VirtualBox instance. However, I want a
> full-environment.. I want a command-prompt. I'd also like to build
> the DOpE GUI (just to be complete). All I see there is useful only
> for module development and kernel development, but no instructions on
> how to get a full system running.
> Where do I go for help on that?

You correctly observe that our repository is a collection of bits and
pieces and being a research project, documentation is ... sparse.
Nevertheless we are happy about anyone complaining about this and
telling us what information you would like to have. We promise to
improve things over time.

Some more information can be found in our Wiki at, which also contains some example menu.lst and
configuration files to boot more complex scenarios. might be a good starting point.

For a command prompt, we usually use a virtualized Linux instance (see

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions on this list.

For completeness' sake: If you simply want to use the system and
develop applications on top, you might also be interested in the
Genode OS framework:

> These ambiguities are one of the reasons it has taken me so long to
> sit down and work on DROPS. There are many paths that seem similar to
> an outsider. Perhaps the group can take that old website down, for
> the further clarity to the outsiders and the peace-of-mind of the
> insiders?


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