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Hi all,

apologies for the high cross-posting traffic. I left out the information
on how to subscribe to the devroom's mailing list previously:

Please, limit the discussion regarding the devroom's organization,
respectively your proposals to the above list instead of replying to all
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On 29.10.2012 13:01, Stefan Kalkowski wrote:
> FOSDEM 2013 - Microkernels / Component-based OSes devroom
> The developers of several free and open-source component- and/or
> microkernel-based operating systems will meet at FOSDEM 2013 in
> Brussels, Belgium and will share a developer room.
> The devroom is currently looking for content in the form of talks
> related to the area of component- and/or microkernel-based operating
> systems. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:
>  * OS introduction to developers of other OS
>  * Subsystems and architecture
>  * Hardware and device drivers
>  * Tools and languages
>  * Release engineering and testing
>  * Experience and learning from mistakes
>  * Technical challenges
>  * Community and life with an OS-project
>  * Academia and education
> Please send your talk proposal(s) no later than by 2012-12-15 to:
>   microkernel-devroom at
> Make sure to include the following in your proposal:
>  * title of your talk (will be printed in the FOSDEM booklet)
>  * your full name (will be printed in the FOSDEM booklet)
>  * a short abstract
>  * duration of your talk (please, no longer than 45 minutes)
> The final devroom schedule (along with accepted talks) will be announced
> on the above mailing list on 2012-12-22. Moreover, the speakers will be
> notified via e-mail. The schedule will be also published on the FOSDEM
> web and in the FOSDEM booklet after 2013-01-10.
> If you do not want to give a talk yourself, you may still send
> suggestions for what else you would like to see, or do in the devroom.
> Please send your suggestions to the above mailing list.
> The devroom is scheduled for Saturday of February 2. The seating
> capacity of the room is 74 seats. Any changes will be announced in the
> above mailing list.

Stefan Kalkowski
Genode Labs ·

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