1G memory for L4Linux on Panda

Adam Lackorzynski adam at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Thu Nov 1 19:03:40 CET 2012

On Wed Oct 31, 2012 at 16:50:52 +0400, ÷ÌÁÄÉÍÉÒ ûÉÌËÉÎ wrote:
> When allow L4Linux using more than 512M of memory, user level apps
> execution can cause ‘Segmentation fault’ or glibc error. For example
> run 'find' command on fresh booted system.
> We use PandaBoard.
> To configure system use 1Gb RAM we set in src/l4/mk/platforms/pandaboard.conf

Oh, indeed, 1G there. Thanks.

However, I see no problems with my setup and giving Linux like 800M of
memory and stressing it (a bit). I think the type of pandaboard should
not make any difference in that regard. Hmm.

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