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Dear Martin,

thank you very much for the answer. I have indeed a strange problem... Quite honestly, I am not sure whether the touchscreen is connected to a USB port but at the boot up I strangely see a mouse arrow which is vanished in 2-3 seconds. (by the way I have a mouse and a keyboard connected through the USB ports). I am not yet sure whether this is due to some crashes... 

Best Regards,

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Hi Wajidali,

as far as I am concerned, a touchscreen for x86 computers is
      handled like a mouse. So if your touchscreen is connected to like
      an internal USB port or via virtual PS/2, you should be able to
      run everything that has mouse support in Fiasco/L4, like DOpE or
      nitpicker (see also Adam's overview e-mail on graphics:



Am 05.11.2012 23:42, schrieb Wajidali Whowe:

Dear all,
>do you have any experience on configuring the touchscreen for L4? I have an x86 computer with a touchscreen and do not know where to start. Does anyone have a small tip for me to start? 
>Best Regards
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