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Dear all, 

with the following script, even the linux kernel does not start running... Are you sure that the vmlinuz would behave as a server if I activate "L4_Server_INPUT and L4_SERVER" ? Because what I have realized is that the Mag is always waiting for the server if ev = hid is inside the caps of Mag and the vmlinuz does not start if ev = hid:srv() is in the caps of vmlinuz like the following: 

hid = l:new_channel(); 
                caps = {
                        ev = hid:srv(), 
                        log = L4.Env.log:m("rws");
                        vbus = io_caps.linux_bus,
                        rtc = rtc_caps.rtc,
                        rom = L4.Env.rom,
        "rom/ mem=256M console=ttyLv0 root=1:0 ramdisk_size=32768 l4x_rd=rom/drops-rd.rd init=/bin/sh");

local mag_caps = {
        mag = l:new_channel(),
        svc = l:new_channel(),

          caps = {
                ev = hid, 
                vbus = io_caps.con_bus,
                fb   = fb_caps.fb,
                mag  = mag_caps.mag:svr(),
                svc  = mag_caps.svc:svr(),
          log      = { "mag", "g" },
          l4re_dbg = L4.Dbg.Warn,

Best Regards,

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Subject: Re: Touchscreen

Dear Adam, 

thanks for the reply, but I thought that the vmlinuz is not allowed to reach io ports and hardware as it is not allowed by fiasco. That is the reason why the io ist started with the following part... Once I use the "use pci" option for the vmlinuz, then I might see the USB devices and so on (through the io), on the contrary if I deactivate the "use pci" option and remove io related part from the lua script, which gives the opportunity to comment out the vbus option, then the kernel might not be booted and I get always Invalide IO access error during boot up... Should I deactivate "Enable I/O port protection" by the fiasco? 

local io_caps = {
  sigma0 = L4.cast(L4.Proto.Factory, L4.Env.sigma0):create(L4.Proto.Sigma0);
  rtc = l:new_channel():svr();
  con_bus = L4.default_loader:new_channel():svr();
  linux_bus = L4.default_loader:new_channel():svr();
  fb = L4.default_loader:new_channel():svr();
  rom = L4.Env.rom;
  icu =;

    caps = io_caps,
    log = { "io", "red" },
  "rom/io", "rom/x86-legacy.devs", "rom/l4_linux-x86.vbus");

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Subject: Re: Touchscreen

Just adding some bits to what Matthias already wrote.

On Tue Nov 13, 2012 at 12:17:16 -0800, Wajidali Whowe wrote:
> Somehow, the proc file is not mounted when the linux starts and
> interestingly choosing console = ttyLvx results in a panic case,
> therefore I have been working on qemu and console was ttyLv0 in my
> case. Unfortunately lsusb is not supported by the ramdisk I downloaded
> (drops-rd.rd, this one is
> from 

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