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Hi Christian,

>L4Re consists of libraries and applications. In a normal setup you are
>running native L4Re applications, like Moe, Ned or Mag. These
>applications mostly implement services. L4Linux just uses these
>services. So it is the other way around. Most native L4Re applications
>do not depend on each other. But L4Linux depends on a bunch of them.
>You can find more information on the general system structure at
> Note that L4Linux is nothing
>special with regards to the overall system structure. It is just another
>Hope that helps.

Thanks for your kindly help, and i have had a quick look about the L4Re ducument!
In your explanation, L4Re cosists of a bunch of services. So it just provides basic services for L4Linux, but not a enviroment for normal application!
I describe my thought about L4 related stuff as below.
For normal user, they can only use L4Linux or Karma VM, which provides a Linux enviroment. They can not use the L4Re as a enviroment because no Linux env?
But for L4 developer, how can they build application derectly on microkernel? Just depend on the systemcall provided by microkernel and/or have some dependence on those existing service from L4Re?

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