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> Hi Adam,
> > I want to know why we build L4Linux here on L4? Is there any
> > benefit comparing to pure Linux? It's not mandatory but it's an
> > option, giving access to device drivers, one can run all sorts of
> > Linux programs, you can have multiple of them etc.
> > Adam
> So do you think we can only run Linux programs in L4Linux but not
> directly on Microkernel or L4Re? How much effort should we take to
> port a common application to microkernel? Because i think if we can
> port APP directly on microkernel, it will get better performance than
> L4Linux!

Of course you can run applications directly on the microkernel. L4Re is
short for "L4 Runtime Environment", meaning that it provides you with a
set of interfaces to build applications on top of Fiasco.OC. These
interfaces include a C/C++ standard library amongst others.

Do you have a specific application in mind?


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