Fiasco.OC: question regarding l4_ipc_wait() and l4_ipc_reply_and_ipc_wait().

Сергей Грехов grekhss at
Thu Jan 31 07:56:57 CET 2013

Hello, L4Hackers!
I have several questions about two IPC: l4_ipc_wait() and l4_ipc_reply_and_ipc_wait().

1) Is there any way to know on the receive side who had sent the IPC we have catched with l4_ipc_wait()? One of the ways if to enable IPC logging in JDB. But the problem is that trace usually consist of several thousands of IPCs and I need only one. Filtering helps a bit, but still it takes much more time to find needed info.

2) According to the description of l4_ipc_reply_and_ipc_wait() in header file: "A message is sent to the previous caller using the implicit reply capability. Afterwards the invoking thread waits for a message from any source." The question is what events/things/whatever updates this implicit reply capability and what will happen if this capability is invalid?

And one more general question. Is there any documentation on JDB?

Best regards,
Sergey S. Grekhov

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