How to access SD card on ARM board

Chao-Jui Chang ppc52776 at
Fri Apr 5 13:50:04 CEST 2013

Hi hackers,

I want to use SD card as root file system for L4Linux.

Base on my understand, we can use IO assignment in libio and
let L4Linux kernel to access the devices directly.
If this is correct, then next we need to choose correct driver in L4Linux's
config menu.

However, some device is platform specific, for example, "SDHCI support on
Samsung S3C SoC" requires PLAT_SAMSUNG.
This option is not available in L4Linux config menu.
I have tried to modify the dependence in kernel's Kconfig, but it results
in lots of compiler error, such as missing header files.

Is this the correct way to achieve my goal? Or I need to make the driver as
part of l4re ?

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