How to access SD card on ARM board

Ivan Loskutov loskutov.ivan at
Fri Apr 5 14:37:19 CEST 2013

Hi Chao-Jui,

You can write driver as part l4re and use block driver from l4linux. Or you
can modify l4linux for direct access to hardware. We've done WiFi and
USB-OTG support in l4linux for OMAP3 based board. But it was not easy.
We've move a lot of platform specific code from arch/arm/mach-omap2
 and arch/arm/plat-omap to l4 arch. Part of code required modification, for
example, OMAP3 register mapping, restore startup sequence. We've chosen
this way because USB-OTG and WiFi drivers are dificult for writing from
scratch and this way allowed to keep our time.

Ivan Loskutov

2013/4/5 Chao-Jui Chang <ppc52776 at>

> Hi hackers,
> I want to use SD card as root file system for L4Linux.
> Base on my understand, we can use IO assignment in libio and
> let L4Linux kernel to access the devices directly.
> If this is correct, then next we need to choose correct driver in
> L4Linux's config menu.
> However, some device is platform specific, for example, "SDHCI support on
> Samsung S3C SoC" requires PLAT_SAMSUNG.
> This option is not available in L4Linux config menu.
> I have tried to modify the dependence in kernel's Kconfig, but it results
> in lots of compiler error, such as missing header files.
> Is this the correct way to achieve my goal? Or I need to make the driver
> as part of l4re ?
> Thanks,
> Chao-Jui
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