How to start 2 or more VMs

Ganis Zulfa Santoso ganiszulfa at
Thu Apr 25 11:39:16 CEST 2013

Thanks Adam!

> You can take ramdisk-arm.rd.


(i) i mount this file,
(ii) i modified /etc/init.d/rcS to set the ip, and
(iii) i umount back.

but, once I run l4linux-arm using qemu, the ip of eth0 is not set yet.
i "cat /etc/init.d/rcS" and I can see that my modification is there.
it means this /etc/init.d/rcS is never been run. what is the problem here?
it needs to be run automatically right, or else how do i set up the ip of
another l4linux-arm.

thank you, and sorry for the trouble. have a nice day!

Best regards,

Ganis Zulfa Santoso
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