Fiasco.OC with ARM TrustZone

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Tue May 7 11:51:42 CEST 2013

Hi hackers,

Is trustzone working on exynos 4412 platform?

I have selected the follow item in Fiasco config menu:
 * Platform Timer (Multi-core timer)
 * Use ExtGic
 * Execution Model (TrustZone normal side)

But it stop at early stage.
Same result for Execution Model (Standard mode).
but no message for Execution Model (TrustZone secure side).

If the trustzone is disabled in u-boot, the 'Standard mode' works fine.

----- booting log -----

U-Boot 2010.12-00000-g8d816e8-dirty (May 06 2013 - 19:38:10) for Exynox4412

CPU: S5PC220 [Samsung SOC on SMP Platform Base on ARM CortexA9]
APLL = 1000MHz, MPLL = 880MHz
DRAM:  1023 MiB

TrustZone Enabled BSP
BL1 version: 20121128

Checking Boot Mode ... SDMMC
MMC Device 0: 30959 MB
MMC Device 1 not found
ModeKey Check... run normal_boot
Net:   No ethernet found.
Hit any key to stop autoboot:  0

Exynos4412 # run fiasco

Partition2: Start Address(0x2000), Size(0x1a000)

reading bootstrap.raw

835584 bytes read

Boot with zImage

Starting kernel ...

Hello from Startup::stage2

Per_cpu_data_alloc: (orig: 0xf0044588-0xf0044f60)

Number of IRQs available at this GIC: 160

------ end of booting log -----

Best regards,
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